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 Thoughtful gifts make a special difference.
Consider this collection of ideas  and links:      
Romantic  Gift IDEAS:  

Engrave a brass bookmark with the title of   . . . . . . .the receiver's poem or book.

Make a list of "forever love" songs/quotes

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Always take time to write special words in your card that are specifically for the  receiver.

Be creative with your computer!
Print and frame a personalized poem over a watermark of a personal photo.

   Book suggestion for a writer:

     Get Organized, Get  Published

. . . Beauty products may be ideal !


 Visit one of the best
Romance Sites
 on the Internet

a fabulous romance site well worth numerous visits


What about a gift of
a sweet faced mug for the
sweetest mugs you know?


Do you have
romantic suggestions?  

Romantic Suggestions! get this gear!

 What about a BOOK about great romances of our time?
Title: Lovers: Great Romances of Our Time Through the Eyes of Legendary Writers



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